these self care and pamper products have been specially selected to provide a quality range of products to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing - perfect for yourself or for gifting. have a look at:

  • relaxing orli massage candles made with a blend of superior nourishing ingredients and vitamin e which hinders the oxidising process which ages skin and also promotes soft and supple skin, which is helpful in reducing scars and facilitates healing from eczema or psoriasis
  • chainbridge honey and beeswax skincare range formulated to contain as high a proportion of honey and beeswax as is possible, since it is these two natural ingredients, made by their own bees, that they believe to be beneficial to the skin.
    these products are not tested on animals and contain the highest quality, natural
    ingredients. they are free from synthetic ingredients, parabens and petroleum products. only pure essential oils are used to fragrance these products.

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