Beatson Cancer Charity: Children's Face Mask

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Beatson Cancer Charity provides comfort and safety with their Children's Face Mask. This mask is made in Scotland with a tartan design and breathable fabric, so your child can stay safe in style. Support a good cause while protecting your little ones. Our tartan is made from mediumweight wool, manufactured in Scotland at the Isla Bank Mills, Keith part of the McNaughton Group with over 200 years experience as a niche manufacturer in the textile industry.

Children's size : 17cm x 10cm

Washing instructions : Please hand wash only. Do not leave to soak. 

Description : Fully adjustable bespoke Beatson Cancer Charity tartan face mask. Backed with a breathable interlining fabric.

*Please be aware that the masks are not classified as PPE in accordance with WHO guidelines, although the science tells us that wearing them will help stop the spread of viruses.*