Celebrations - Lucky Number 7!

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Beatson Cancer Charity celebrates its 7th Anniversary on the 27th of this month. In 2014 Friends of the Beatson and Beatson Oncology Centre Fund merged, and Beatson Cancer Charity was born.   

It’s been an incredible journey so far and, whether you believe in luck or not, we hope the number 7 will be lucky for us. Our new twin heart lucky sixpence  has been specially designed with the words Care Love Hope and our distinctive Beatson Tartan to celebrate our 7th anniversary. 

Care, love and hope are the three foundations on which our charity carries out its work. In these past 7 years so much has happened worth celebrating which we love to do with supporters, staff, volunteers and other friends.  

Our heart shaped pin badge has become synonymous with such celebrations – birthdays, weddings anniversaries and retirements. They are a great way of sharing the Beatson love. They make thoughtful wedding favours or indeed a lovely keepsake for any occasion.  

When you spot someone wearing onethere’s always an instant connection. 

Celebrations are such an important part of life’s journey as indeed is hope for the future. When we hit difficulties we look for hope to see us through. This is why our My Light platform  is always there to provide hope and support to anyone affected by cancer, whether it’s yourself or someone you care about. It provides tailored advice and practical support as well as inspiring stories of people who have shared their journeys with us. 

Our range of gifts and keepsakes also include many with inspirational words which reflect hope.

  • If you’re looking for something to raise someone’s spirits have a look at our range of angel figurines with words such as “Sending you healing energy”  
  • There is even a beautiful hand blown glass orb called “Hope”  
  • Maybe a simple magnet with the saying “Believe you can and you will” 
  • Or if you prefer to use your own words, our wish bottles are a lovely way to express your sentiments and show how much you care.  

At the heart of it all, caring is what Beatson Cancer Charity supports, which is reflected in the amazing feedback we have had from staff on the joy and comfort our care packs and wellbeing gifts are bringing. 

The patients were absolutely delighted with them and saying how helpful they are during their stay in hospital and were very grateful” 

Lisa Stanulis, Complementary therapist/ Hair and wig consultant

So, we can never forget the reason we should celebrate every year and make each day count as best we can. 

 Thanks so much for being with us ! 

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