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Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? It’s no surprise that more people are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety due to the events of the past year. At Beatson Cancer Charity we are very aware of this and amongst other recent initiatives we launched our Befriending Servicelast year to help patients and families cope better.

Patient Care Packs and Wellbeing Gifts 

OurCare Packs and Wellbeing Giftsare also designed to reflect our principles of Care, Love and Hope. It’s so difficult to know what to do to help when someone is diagnosed with cancer. We want to show how much we care and to support in some meaningful way, but the usual gifts and gestures may not always seem appropriate in the circumstances. 

Sometimes people find themselves facing a stay in hospital without much warning and our Mini Care Packsare intended to provide some of the basics just to make life a little easier at a difficult time. Our Cleanse and Care Wellbeing Giftand Luxury Wellbeing Hamper go the extra mile and are packed full of self-care items that will help ease someone’s stay in hospital or recuperation period at home. 


Sadly, not everyone has the same level of support from family and friends. Some people may also be facing financial pressures, so it’s an amazing gift to provide one of these Care Packs or Wellbeing Gifts to patients, reminding them that they are not alone.  

Doing something for someone else in this way generates a feel good factor for everyone! In the past 6 months around 170 of these gifts have been purchased - including our Beatson Café Vouchers. If you want to donate in this way just remember to use code PATIENTGIFT at checkout and we will take of the rest.


As well as showing support for others it’s equally important to take care of ourselves. Our Wellbeing Team are experts in self-care and their article on How to Deal with Stress in Your Lifecontains a range of helpful tips on managing stress in everyday life.   

One of their suggestions is to practice mindfulness and our Mindfulness Wellbeing Gift has been one of the most popular containing a treasure trove of thoughtful and relaxing items.  If you’re in need of some extra pampering our Orli massage candles are also very special as they melt into a sumptuous massage oil, helping you to unwind whilst soothing your senses with their amazing aromas.  

Sometimes simply lighting a candle and dimming the lights to sit and enjoy reading a book or listening to music is the right remedy. Our beautiful range of Beatson Tartan Candles, made in collaboration with Essence of Harris, are perfect for this and are a token reminder of the care, love and support that Beatson Cancer Charity strives to provide. 

One thing we have become aware of in the past year is to enjoy the little things in life....for one day we’ll probably look back and realise they were the BIG things. 

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