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In this past year, many of us have taken up new hobbies or have been spending more time doing things we enjoy and find relaxing. Working from home has given some of us more flexibility and free time to discover our creative side. For many lockdown allowed time to reflect and an opportunity to rebalance our lives. 


Taking time to focus on just one thing at a time is a practice well known now as mindfulness. It is proven that mindfulness helps to reduce stress and anxiety and has many other positive health benefits. In fact our Wellbeing team offer virtual 1-2-1 sessions to all patients and families, teaching simple techniques, such as mindfulness, to promote wellbeing. Click here for further details of the mental health support our charity provides. 

Mindfulness Wellbeing Gift

Art therapy is another relaxing activity which helps many people to unwind and destress and our Mindfulness Wellbeing Gift contains a real treasure trove of thoughtful items with this in mind.


Having a hobby is an excellent way to practice mindfulness. During the early days of lockdown it seemed that so many people turned to things like making banana bread, growing their own vegetables, upcycling and making their own clothes and singing together to keep spirits up. Looking back on it all, it was an instinctive reaction to coping with the stressful situation in which most of us found ourselves, as these activities focus the mind. 

Sewing, in particular, has grown in popularity and there was a time during the past year when it was almost impossible to get hold of a sewing machine. Its meditative qualities makes sewing a very powerful tool to reduce anxiety, especially if we engage all our senses whilst doing it; 

  • the feel of the fabric in our hands, 
  • the sound of the machine 
  • the vision of what we are creating and 
  • the concentration of our thoughts whilst we work 

…. all culminate in the satisfaction and sense of achievement we get from the finished article of work. 

Craft Projects 

We are delighted that some of our supporters have even taken inspiration from our Beatson Tartan which can be purchased by the metre from our online shop for all your creative projects. 

We have received photos of various home design projects, such as this beautiful curtain pelmet which was made in memory of a family member. This creation is now a gentle reminder which brings comfort having been so thoughtfully incorporated into the maker’s family home. 

Beatson Tartan Stag's Head

The Beatson Tartan has also inspired some artisan makers such as Morrison’s Crafts & Gifts to create new designs including this stunning Stag’s head which they very generously donated to our Art Exhibition earlier this year. 

We absolutely love these Beatson Tartan wall clocks and smaller version sideboard clocks which they donated also. Don’t you? 

Beatson Tartan Clocks


Rest assured no scrap of our beautiful Beatson Tartan goes to waste as we love to upcycle every last piece. See how our Beatson Tartan Heart Keyrings are lovingly made

They are tactile, fun and perfectly formed and practical too, as they come with a Beatson trolley coin.


(Available to purchase as part of one of our range of Letterbox Gifts) 

It is clear that many of you really enjoy being creative and benefit greatly from the positivity and stress-reducing effects of these types of activities.  

Let us know what you would love to create with our Beatson Tartan. Send us any photos you have and any other ideas you’d like us to introduce to our range.  

Watch out also for more inspirational maker videos coming soon from Sew Confident who teach a range of fabulous creative classes from their studios throughout the UK.


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